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Kirsten Ruhwandl


Our s(w)inging choir members are led by choir director Kirsten Ruhwandl:


Born in Erlangen, she was fascinated with piano and organ as a child, and never gave up that passion until today.

At the age of 16, Kirsten Ruhwandl was awarded the 2. Bundespreis for Organ at "Jugend musiziert" und started to study organ and church music after finishing school.

Since 1992, Kirsten is responsible for all church music at the Erlöserkirche; additionally, she took over the Dekanatskantoriat in Fürstenfeldbruck in 2009.


Besides her own family, Kirsten has been looking after her ever increasing choir family since 1992.

As the director, she selects the songs and arrangements and leads - with a lot of passion and even more patience - the weekly rehearsals.